Variable area flowmeters
Variable area flowmeters
Variable area flowmeters, sometimes called rotameters, are basic measurement instruments for direct reading of the current flow of gases and low viscose liquids. A weighted "float" rises in a tapered tube as the flow rate increases and a scale shows the flow rate. Rotameters are process meters which are designed for predefined conditions (pressure, temperature, density). They are provided in different materials as standard, compact or long form and have reasonable prices. Typical applications are laboratories, machines, chemical industry, glass industry, furnaces, pharmacy and medical technology. If you need a quote or you want to order please visit our variable area flowmeters web shop.
The high precision VAF vane meters and piston meters can measure liquids in wide ranges of viscosity and with pressure up to 25 bars with an option to 100 bars. Inlet and outlet paths are not necessary. A filter is mandatory. Piston meters are suitable for micro volumes. The vane meters are offered as stainless steel, steel and spheroid graphite iron versions. Typical applications besides others are measurements and loading tasks of the chemical and petrol industry. Mechanical flowmeters show a low pressure drop and are designed for robust use in harsh conditions.
Durchflussmessung - Mechanisch
Durchflussmessung - Magnetisch-Induktiv
Magnetic inductive
Flowmeters are modern electronic standard flowmeters for conductive liquids. A measurement tube without any disturbing installations is equipped with flat wall electrodes which are collecting the induced flow dependent voltage. The magnetic inductive flowmeter requires a straight inlet and outlet path and a totally filled measurement tube. Different wall coatings allow the application for different kinds of liquids including multi phase ones. These robust devices are used in water management, food industry and pharmacy.
Flowmeters are modern electronic mass flowmeters for liquids and gases. Sometimes coriolis flowmeters are called “tube scales” It is basically an oscillating measurement tube without any installations. Depending on the flow rate a phase change of the oscillation can be observed. This measurement principle is highly accurate, universal and is not influenced by the viscosity, conductivity or density of the medium. Coriolis flowmeters do not require any inlet or outlet paths. Beside the mass flow measurement a high precision in line density measurement is possible. Applications for coriolis mass flowmeters are mainly process control and test and the food and pharmaceutical industry.
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