01.11.1990 Foundation of the company with five members, partner of the international VAF-instruments group
1991/1992 Federal program “technology oriented startup companies” in technology center Chemnitz
1993 market entry as VAF instruments, Danfoss, Fafnir partner, booth on Leipzig fair
1994 New construction of company building in the industrial park Chemnitz Lichtenau , complete program flow and level measurement.
1995 Move into new building, booth at Interkama fair, start using National Instruments LabView
1996/1997 Build up of test stand business, pump test stand for Pierburg Pump Technology GmbH, batch and filling controllers
1998/1999 BMFT project "CSA", burner test stand Siemens AG energy sector
2000/2001 BMWi Projekt "Prüfanlage für durchflossene Bauteile", Einführung von 3D-CAD "Solid Edge©"
2002 Pump test stand WILO SE, research project "direct fill volume measurement"
2003 Temperature cycle test stand, coolant liquid pump test stands, contract Influx Measurements Ltd – variable area flow meters
2004 Circulation pump test stand for Electrolux, axial piston pump test stand for HAWE InLine GmbH
2005 R&d project "dosage of liquids", Siemens solution partner Automation (process instrumentation)
2006 Start of eBusiness, pump test stands, leakage test stands
2007 Start with simulation software "Flowmaster©", filter test stands, pump test stands
2008 Test stands for air compressors, Kv-value, BMWT-project „pressure cycle test stand“
2009 Pressure cycle test stands, burst test stands, software solution for 3 test stands of Siemens AG
2010 Filter test stands, purchase of vacation home Königsstein, installation of photovoltaic
2011 Spheros 10-fold endurance test stand, 20-fold thermostat test stand, r&d -project „universal pressure and burst test stand“
2012 Burst test stands, pressure test stands, pressure cycle test stands for 3M, Brita
2013 Test field Festo (4 armature test stands), BorgWarner production test stand
2014 Two temperature test stands MagnaSteyr, large pump test stand for Netzsch-progressing cavity pumps, calibration test stand for heat meters
2015 25 years VAF Fluid-Technik
20 years measurement and control Software with NI LabVIEW©
Speck Pumpen - 2x pump test stands, Testing department GEA Tuchenhagen, Brita - 6x dispenser test stand, WILO - 6x Pump drying and function test stand
2016 large pump test stand for Netzsch - progressing cavity pumps, BorgWarner - 4 dipping test stands, Speck Pumpen - Double Pump test stand, Brita - microbiologie test stand, WILO - 6x pressure hold test stand, 3x flow test stand for pumps
2017 Speck Pumpen - 2x double Pump test stands, Brita - 12x Water Filtration test stand, TURK - calibration test stand for flow meters, Haimer - cooling unit rest stand, PTB - thermal cycling test stand
2018 PTB - fluid conditioning modul, Brita - Water Filtration test modul, ...
VAF Fluid-Technik GmbH
Gottfried-Schenker Str. 12
09244 Lichtenau

Geschäftsführer: Dr. Kurt Voigt
HRB 2013 Chemnitz
USt-Id: DE 140810232

Tel.: +49 (0) 37208 - 81410
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